Black & White Pictures in digital world

Do you like B&W pictures?  The B&W space is highly complex.  Sometimes you can convert your digital pictures to B&W in the camera, but this really limits your options.  You can also just desaturate the colors but this typically leaves an unsatisfying result.  I used a Photoshop plug in called Silver Efex Pro or Color Efex 3.0 from Nik Software to create the images below.  For each image I provide sort of my standard conversion and then an alternative to give you an idea of the diversity of things you can do in the B&W space.  

I personally like B&W pictures because I feel it allows the viewer to look at the image with the clutter of color.  

1303240317 - Version 2
1303240319 - Version 2
1303240324 - Version 2

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